In Memoriam

The only syllables I can muster

Are wishes.


That you had a happy life with us

That you knew you were loved with us

That you had enough of everything

Dog biscuits, kisses, walks, sunshine, grassy naps


That we could know we did everything

Gave you everything

Did all the right things by you.

Wishes for more heartbeats

But there could never be enough…


Spent with you.

So now I send my wishes

To the sky,

To the stars,

To you.

Rest now, my little prince.




It’s that time of year. Renewal.


I was in the mood to write something snarky at first, but after I spent a little time thinking about this subject, my mood definitely changed to something more wishful and contemplative.

Every year, after the merry excesses of the Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate, if at all – there, I think I covered everyone, right?) we all seem ready for that fresh start that a new calendar year brings to us.  The inspirational quotes about renewal, beginnings, and new possibilities start making the rounds. This year, especially, there is a real fervency about getting a new slate of 365 days to bring about the things we hope for, and possibly make up for a cruel 2016.  I mean, seriously – although each year brings about its share of ups, downs, heartbreaks, and joys, I truly feel like 2016 seemed especially brutal – so I’m definitely down with this whole spirit of renewal and new beginnings.

Personally, I don’t make new year resolutions.  I learned at a young age that they are useless.  Change only comes about because you truly want it, and not because the calendar says it’s January 1st.  But I do try to call to mind each January my hopes for the coming year, and almost always they look something like this, from two of my favorite wordsmiths:



Go on…you can do it too. Join the fun, the hope, the longing, for a much better 2017.  We can all hope, right? We can all choose to renew that faith in a better tomorrow, and maybe it will come.

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