Conundrum…aka Just Write, Dammit.


My inner monster has been screaming and insane lately.

Some things happened recently that put me off writing for a bit…but the itch never leaves, really.  It gets buried sometimes, under stress, sadness, or hurt, or multiple layers of those and other negative things.  But then the desire to push through all of that and turn that darkness into words that purge the darkness from your soul becomes too strong, you start poking around WordPress looking for inspiration, looking for a reason to write, and suddenly you’re writing, even if it’s about nothing, even if it’s supposed to be about conundrums, but really isn’t…

But wait…maybe it is, maybe it’s about the riddle of needing to write and not being able to, but then finding that not being able to is the thing that pushes you over the edge into finally writing again.

Oh, my inner monster is finally quiet.  For today, anyway.


Amen, sister.


via Daily Prompt: Conundrum


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