Daily Prompt: Rearrange


My first Daily Prompt post foray…thankfully, as soon as I saw the word “Rearrange” it had meaning for me – this week has been the textbook definition of it, really.  By Sunday, we’ll have accomplished 5 visits to various veterinarians with both dogs, three of which were unplanned when the week started, which gave birth to a massive rearranging of schedules, stress levels, goals, and priorities…driving home the fact that Max and Cabo (see my adorables below)…

…are bona fide seniors now, with all the medical issues that go along with that – and I have got to cut back on the phone/tablet/laptop/remote control/vampires-who-suck-the-life-time-and-will-to-live-from-me/election coverage and make my boys my number one priority from now until…

Well, we won’t talk about the “until” part, because that’s too traumatic.  That’s all I have to say about that.

The funny thing is, when provided the proper incentive – such as the needs of beloved ones, rearranging your priorities is so easy, so cleansing, you wonder why it took you so damn long to do it in the first place.


via Daily Prompt: Rearrange


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