DIY Inner Peace.


Such a simple concept, but one I tend to forget, even though my parents raised me with varying forms of the principle, exhorting me to look to myself, be self-reliant, independent, self-sufficient. Being an only child, much of that came naturally…and what didn’t sink in from my parents, I definitely picked up along the way as an adult, making my way through life, relationships, the world. Be self-sufficient. Stand on my own two feet. But sometimes we forget, and think that other people are able to fix things for us, help us with things that only we can do.

“Being your own light ensures that you will never need another to pull you out of darkness again.” ― Gary Hopkins

Peace comes from within. Don’t look for someone else or something else to bring it to you.  It’s something you have to do for yourself, figure out for yourself. Meditate, run, write, do yoga – figure it out.  Look within, not without. Self-reliance, self-sufficiency, do it yourself. Walk your own path, and don’t expect help from others when it comes to matters of soul and mind. It’s not like lawn work or household chores. Addressing our own inner peace and tranquility is our charge and ours alone.


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