Summer is coming.

“Game of Thrones” jokes aside…the last week or so, with the appearance of 90+ degree Summer is comingdays (and today, I think we are due for 100+), I have been feeling that familiar excitement that I have mentioned here before…the excitement of summer coming.  Yes, I know I live in southern Arizona, where summer means triple-digit heat, monsoon humidity (yeah, that dry thing is pretty much over by July), and semi-regular “haboobs.”

But it also means some other positive things…a mass exodus from our state of our winter snowbirds, college students, and more fragile tourists.  This means our attractions, hotels, restaurants, and ROADS belong to us hardy Arizonans again.  It means discounts at our resorts for luxurious staycations, restaurant specials aimed at the only people brave enough to eat out in July – locals.  It means my husband finally gets to kick it into low gear, since only the lizards really want to get hitched in the Valley of the Sun during the months of June, July, and August, and he can put his camera gear away (professionally) for a bit and address my already burgeoning Summer To Do Lists (I DO love those lists).

I used to cringe at the thought of triple digit days, hot cars, hot asphalt, hot EVERYTHING, until I realized that much like Game of Thrones’s motto and mantra, “Winter is Coming” – Summer is Coming and will not be stopped, no matter how much I want to bemoan it.  I look at it from the perspective that our summers are just like the harsh, inhospitable winters so much of the country endures…there isn’t a single perfect place, climate-wise, on this Earth, and our summers are our cross to bear.  Better a predictable, hot summer, than the random destructiveness of hurricanes, tornadoes, or landslides, yes?  I know what I’m in for. I’m prepared – mentally and physically (shades – check, sunscreen – check, A/C – check, Netflix binge-worthy shows – check, check, check).

Bring it, Summer.




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