I generally feel like I have a good understanding of human nature. But when I meet a dog like Precious, abandoned into the care of a rescue while her human gallivanted off to Denver without a backward glance, you lose me. How they could just leave her is beyond me. She enjoyed many years with this person. Precious is ten, a pitbull, and does not care for the company of other dogs. Her prior owner couldn’t have left her in a worse spot – very “unadoptable.” She is being boarded at a veterinary hospital, and that gets lonely and boring, so Steve and I went to visit her and give her a break from her kennel.

She is beyond sweet.


She deserves more than a kennel at the vet. But at least she ended up there and not at the county shelter, where old, dog-aggressive, Pitbulls do not come out alive.

So she waits in her kennel; at least she is alive. I don’t know if she remembers her old life well anymore, and still waits for her “mama” to come for her.  I watched her settle down with us, drinking in all the attention, and wondered if she misses her old human.  She moves slowly, like the old girl that she is. I hope fervently that she gets to rest that sweet graying head of hers on her own bed, in her own home, sooner rather than later.

“A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own.”
― Elizabeth Parker, Paw Prints in the Sand


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