Summer in do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Okay, so from most perspectives there’s not a lot to love about an Arizona summer.  Triple temps day AND night, and during monsoon season (June 15-September 30) mugginess and giant haboobs.

I once railed against the start of summer with whining, depression, and downright irritability, but seeing as I am not able to escape for the three months, and the summers are not going to get any cooler, I figured I needed to take a different approach and start counting my Arizona Summer blessings.  Yes, there are good things about this time of year…some of these are specific to my life, some are universal.

Top 5 reasons I love Arizona in the summer:

  1. Everyone leaves.  Yes, snowbirds and college students, this means you.  Once May rolls around, we Arizonans (especially Phoenicians) can take back our streets, our restaurants, resorts and entertainment centers from those of you that don’t have the stones to put up with our triple digit temps.  My commute gets better, I can plan a staycation at 4-star resort for pennies on the dollar, and actually get a table at the hot new restaurant without booking a month in advance.
  2. Wedding season ends.  And I get my husband back!  Summer is when he and I get to relax, enjoy playing in the pool, catch up on shows and movies we’ve been dying to see, and take advantage of the perks outlined in #1 above…oh, and work on those household projects that get put off from October to May (this may not make his list of reasons why he loves Arizona in the summer, however).
  3. Those monsoons are actually exciting.  We don’t get a lot of weather here.  It’s usually sunny and hot, or in the winter, sunny and cool.  We don’t have a lot of storms and rain.  But during the monsoon season – that all changes.  The weather can be very dramatic, although destructive as well.  But the beauty and drama of monsoon storm or haboob is still exciting, and I have grown to love monsoon season, despite the sticky humidity that comes with it.
  4. Having to get creative. Dealing with the summer heat forces you to get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to your entertainment.  There are only so many summer blockbusters you can see at the movie theatre.  Everyone in town participates in summer coping mechanisms – bars and restaurants offer frosty beverage specials and summer discounts,  the zoo and botanical gardens offer nighttime hours, the list goes on.  Museums and exhibits you meant to see all year suddenly look all the more enticing because they are indoors; activities that you wouldn’t normally entertain start sounding increasingly fun – bowling, gaming, video games, ice rinks, visiting the library or joining a book club…suddenly all sound like pursuits worth pursuing.
  5. Reading. For me, this is a big one.  When it is 115 degrees out, and I just don’t want to do anything – I have the best excuse ever for just reading all day long, in air-conditioned splendor, on my couch…

For me, changing how I look at summer here in Arizona has gone a long way to helping me enjoy my summers here in Arizona.  It really is about perspective.  I could just moan and wail for three months out of the year, but that’s a lot of time to waste on feeling negative – so I will continue to count my blessings, and add a dash of humor as often as I can – my very own summer survival kit.


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