Finding inspiration.

Recently, I have found that I struggle more to find inspiration and joy in each day; more so than I’ve had to in the past.  I’ve always taken my capacity to stay positive for granted.  But with the onset of middle age, I have found that capacity isn’t as bottomless as it was in my younger years…for whatever reason.

While contemplating this turn of events and how to combat it, I came to a realization that may seem pretty obvious to some, but to me it was a revelation.

Some days, you have to work at it a little harder.  Or, as someone much more articulate than me said it (came across this today, which inspired me to write this):

As I grow older, part of my emotional survival plan must be to actively seek inspiration instead of passively waiting for it to find me.

~Bebe Moore Campbell

And so, I have started to actively surround myself with things that inspire me, please me, and help me to slug through days that otherwise might drown me in horrific news stories, overly frustrating days at the office (when I’d rather be home, squeezing my dogs), sad animal rescue situations, or just plain old bad days.  I do find that taking a break from the electronic world helps immensely.  Having so much information bombarding you at every turn somehow wreaks havoc with peace, no matter how innocuous the information may seem.  Taking a break and sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee, reading something other than my Facebook newsfeed, taking stock in what makes me happy and doing those things, instead of doing things constantly that only serve other people, and surrounding myself with people that do not destroy peace, but add to it, and add to joy, are integral.  Toss out the junk, keep the quality things, and then enjoy them. Savor them.  Be in the moment and be present – whether it’s making a meal for my family, noticing the flowers in my garden, or appreciating how unbelievably lucky I am to  have the things I have – I have to try and make an effort to find the inspiration in my everyday life, and not wait for it to come find me.

Dovetailing with this, I found this yesterday (yes, on Facebook, sometimes inspiration is found there, too):





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