February 27 – March 1, 2014… #365grateful

February 27, 2014

Our new resident is getting used to his new digs and restricted life…he plays with his toys, lounges outside in his “catio,” sleeps in his cat tree.  He chatters at us when we visit with him, and tolerates us picking him up and cooing at him…and like our other animals, and us, he enjoys chow time a little too much…

Before a cat will condescend
To treat you as a trusted friend,
Some little token of esteem
Is needed, like a dish of cream.
~T.S. Eliot

2/27/14 - Chopper settling in.

2/27/14 – Chopper settling in.



Finally, my favorite time of year…the orange trees are blossoming, and the one next door to us is fragrant with blooms again.  Last year, the frost in December damaged it so much, it didn’t bloom in the spring, much to my chagrin and Steve’s joy  (he’s allergic)…#grateful for the return of my favorite scent.

2/28/14 - orange blossoms.

2/28/14 – orange blossoms.


March 1, 2014…

Rainclouds on the horizon…finally brought desperately needed buckets of rain to our Valley of Sun on Saturday, after going 70 days without measurable rain.

3/1/14 - rainclouds.

3/1/14 – rainclouds.


Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.
– John Updike





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