January 30 – February 10, 2014 – #365grateful

No, I haven’t abandoned my #grateful project…it’s just that the past couple of weeks have been so chock-full of things to be grateful about, I haven’t had the spare moments to put together a post.

First and foremost, we have added a new member to the Roman-Aquilino household…due to his origins (street), our dogs (species-hating), and the health of certain members of the family (Mama Aquilino is literally life-threatening allergic), he is currently relegated to living in the garage with an attached, enclosed patio area.  Thanks to my amazing, animal-loving husband, he is able to traverse from his garage digs to the enclosure via a pet door…here is our new little guy (drumroll)…

From the mean streets of Scottsdale...

From the mean streets of Scottsdale…

He showed up at our place as a kitten, more than likely born on the streets, but I guess I can’t say that with 100% certainty.  There are individuals out there that will heartlessly dump unwanted kitten litters if they so choose to.  But unlike the stray cats I have met, this guy was different.  He consistently sought out people and solicited their attention and affection.  Lately, we’d begun noticing that he was getting the bad end of some of the feline turf wars in our area, and constantly worried about his safety.  He lived at the side of the house, which now is his enclosed “catio” and rarely ever left.  He made himself our cat, and we finally decided if he was going to be our cat, then we needed to do our best to keep him safe.  I actually found a foster for him, but when it came down to the day he was supposed to go, we were all beside ourselves with sadness and reluctant to part with him. So Steve got out his trusty tools, and I got on Amazon and we started on the path to outfitting a home for him.  It’s a work in progress, we still need to address summer heat issues, etc. but he is safe for now, and slowly adjusting to not being able to “cat around” like he used to.  He is completely tame with us.  He purrs like a trooper and took to catnip like an old pro.  I am learning about cats, as I have not had one since I was a very, very little girl and don’t know much about them, besides what I’ve picked up trying to engage in Trap-Neuter-Return in our neighborhood, and caring for a handful of ferals.  There will be much more on this guy in the days, weeks, and months to come.

The other thing that has been keeping me hoping and for which I am #grateful for, in the end – one of our huge class action matters that my practice group has been working on started gearing up for a trial in March – and then today, settled.


To say I am thankful is an understatement – I can’t even imagine how grueling the trial prep would have been, as stressful as the last few weeks have been.  I can’t say much else about the matter right now, but it is a huge victory.


One thought on “January 30 – February 10, 2014 – #365grateful

  1. What a cutie pie!!! I am also allergic, but it makes me sad because I want to just pet and cuddle them.

    Congrats on the settlement . . . trial sucks!

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