Cabo’s birthday…

To say that we were excited to celebrate Cabo’s birthday after all his trials and tribulations this fall is an understatement and a mischaracterization.  We are always excited to celebrate our dogs’ “birthdays”, but in this case, relief and thankfulness probably ruled the day more – thankfulness that he is around for another birthday, and of course, hope for many more with our dear Cabo.

In addition to cards and gifts from us and Grandma Aquilino, he got his favorite “dessert” – McDonald’s hamburger, followed by a bully chew.  After all the excitement over food and attention, he was just plain tuckered out.  As usual, he shied away from the camera, but we were able to get him once he passed out.

It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons.
– Friedrich von Schiller

And mothers…

2013-12-03 18.58.50

Happy Birthday Burger

2013-12-03 21.48.51

Happy Birthday, Cabo…we love you…


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