Lunchtime Loot…

After spending the past three days wolfing lunch down at my desk, whilst cranking out sundry legal projects – two of those meals being courtesy of the freaky fast delivery chain, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches (gourmet is a huge stretch, but they are edible), I was hell-bent on getting outside today.  I had a load of dry cleaning begging for attention, and when I looked up the location of Park Avenue Dry Cleaners (thanks to a recommendation from one of our attorneys), I saw that the new location of Essence Bakery was nearby…and since I have been dying to try the food at the Tempe location, I figured the new Arcadia location would do, in a pinch.

The restaurant is a-dor-able, and even the cramped parking lot behind the building is worth the mental and logistical maneuvering to get inside.  Everyone was super-friendly, and the baked items (mostly macarons) in the display by the registers will definitely warrant another visit, when I get some to take home to Steve and his notorious sweet tooth.

I had called in an order for their lemon basil chicken salad sandwich, on brioche (who can resist brioche??) and it was ready to go when I got there.

I happily toted my loot back to the office, and devoured it.  There isn’t a negative thing I can say about that sandwich – except for the fact that it is now consumed, every last crumb.

Lunchtime loot...

Lunchtime loot…


Lemon basic chicken salad sandwich perfection

Lemon basil chicken salad sandwich perfection


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