Dogs and cars…

Cabo loves nothing more than sticking his head waaaay out the window, now that he is over his fear of riding in the car.  We call it “car surfing” and while it’s truly exciting to see him enjoy it so much, we’ve worried about him getting debris in his eyes…so we finally decided to try the “Doggles” – goggles made for dogs!

Shockingly, Cabo had absolutely no issue with wearing them.  The dog that still can’t stand for anyone to bathe him or even hug him for too long, loves his Doggles; go figure.

Max Von Doodlebug, true to his contrary nature, was not having any part of the Doggles…!  He doesn’t tend to stick his head out as far, so we don’t worry as much, but the potential is still there, so we’ll keep at it with him!

Cabo KNOWS he's cool...

Cabo KNOWS he’s cool…

Max - Doggle-less.

Max – Doggle-less.



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