So we officially ushered in the summer season a couple of days ago with the summer solstice. Here in Arizona, we might more aptly refer to it as the “simmer” solstice, since it marks a time of year that religiously bestows triple digit heat.

Which means routines change and we go into survival mode. Outdoor activity is relegated to dawn and dusk as much as possible, which means we don’t get as much park time with the dogs. On really hot days their evening jaunt might only consist of a ride around the neighborhood in the car. On days that “only” peak in the low 100’s, thereby giving us early evening temps in the 90’s, we will take them to a cool, grassy area of our nearby park for a quick sniff around the pond for their amusement. 

I feel bad for them, that the weather here keeps them indoors so much during the summer, but I guess winters elsewhere would have the same effect.

Anyway, here are some photos of one of our quickie park visits this week:




The ducks at this particular pond seem to be a close knit gang and roll deep…the white one is definitely their leader…I’m not sure if his flamboyant Mohawk hairdo got him the job or what, but it adds to his mystique…he’s not fond of us, but so far he tolerates us on his turf and we try not to ruffle his feathers!

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