Happy tail.

So, yesterday, whilst carrying out my volunteer duties with the Lost Dogs Arizona (“LDA”) Facebook page, I came across a Found dog report for a Chow mix taken in by a Good Samaritan near our home. The dog was a senior, 12-13 years old, arthritic. The kind people that took her in were convinced that no one loved or was looking for her, as they did not find any lost dog postings online or posters for her, and she had been found without a collar or microchip. We posted her on our page but the finder was already trying to rehome her even though they found her only two days prior. They felt she was probably neglected, and were angry, because she was beyond sweet. They could not keep her, though, because their own Yorkies irritated her and she did not get on well with them.


I was so sad for this girl; worried that the finder was probably right; concerned they would give her to someone prematurely or someone with dark motives. I emailed the finder and asked them to please give it a bit more time, her family might be looking for her – I have seen so many different scenarios, mistakes and wild circumstances on the LDA page…who knows where she came from, how long she’d been traveling? They agreed to try posting more flyers and wait a bit.

Since she’d been found near our neighborhood, I kept scanning the area while driving last night to see if I could find a flyer for her – sadly, nothing. She reminded me of our Chow boys, especially Cabo. I wanted to help her, but was hitting a dead end.

Then, this morning, Max and I headed out on our morning walk…at the end of our street was a box, sitting on the corner. We crossed the street to take a better look…


I read it once, twice…”Tan & White Aust. Shep/Chow, 13 yr old female…recently shaved, named Roxy.”

I thought I was going to cry. It had to be her! I called the numbers on the box and left messages. I emailed the finders. And waited.


After a return call, some emails, more calls, Roxy and her owner were reunited. The finder sent me the photo with the owner’s permission. Roxy had gotten loose during our windstorm and her owner had been combing the streets every day and night. They had some hard luck lately – lost their home and were staying with friends. It was so good to know that they would still have each other. It was amazing. I had wanted so badly to find a way to help her…when I saw that box on the corner, I truly felt the workings of a power greater than me.

One thought on “Happy tail.

  1. Trish’s Dog Rescue Efforts

    Trish, honey, this incredible story just made my day! Thanks to God, your dedication & your wonderful communication skills, your strongest desires were fulfilled! Kudos to the finders for taking Roxy in as well! Sounds like she could use a new name tag & a micro chip!

    Love is All Around… God Bless You, Sis!

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