Saturday’s photos…

Saturday was the monthly meeting of the Brunch Bunch – a few of my girlfriends and I try to meet at least once a month for breakfast/brunch to catch up.  This month, Sherry Kay, Christine, Claire and I planned to catch a bit of the Parada Del Sol  as it passed through Old Town Scottsdale prior to eating, at Saddle Ranch Chop House, just up the street. The parade itself was very cute and enjoyable; Saddle Ranch Chop House – not so much.  Can’t say I recommend it, even though they did try to buy our love with a gratis round of mimosas and the biggest serving of cheesecake-flavored cotton candy I have ever seen.


Claire…playing with her food…

2013-02-09 13.33.41

The ginormous, consolation serving of cotton candy…

2013-02-09 10.52.27 2013-02-09 10.55.20 2013-02-09 10.57.38 2013-02-09 10.59.08 2013-02-09 11.03.33 2013-02-09 11.04.46 2013-02-09 11.06.16 2013-02-09 11.08.29


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