Yesterday’s photo…

On a rare Friday night out, Steve and I met up with Jon and Andrea at the Dhaba in Tempe (the Valley’s mecca for great ethnic foods of any sort).  Since we are all Indian cuisine fans, we were pretty excited to try it – the restaurant has been getting great reviews. The  tandoori platter below was amazing (Jon’s pick), especially the prawns!  We all ordered entrees to share, along with two servings of samosas to start with, and a side of garlic naan.


Platter of Tandoori Khazana: tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala kabab, seekh kabab, and tandoori prawns

Chicken vindaloo was my pick and it was a little spicy for the rest of the group, but I found it to be about right, heat-wise. Everyone agreed that the chicken tikka masala entree that Steve ordered was the winner of the evening….the portions were not huge, and I could tell that Steve was worried about everyone getting their fill by sharing entrees, but we all walked out of there sated, and I even left with some vindaloo leftovers.

The restaurant itself was clean, nicely appointed, and comfortable…seating was a little close, but terribly so.  Service was good…would totally go back again, and maybe stop next door and get my eyebrows threaded.  Ha.


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