Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge…inspiration…

Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge: More SNAP Recipients Share Advice

This story really got me thinking (click on link above to read about it)…especially after the whirlwind of Christmas, with all the shopping, consuming, gifting, receiving, eating, drinking, socializing…which is all truly wonderful…but, nowadays, a study in excess and consumerism.

I just got paid.  I look at how much I make, and compare it to the stories in that article.  I consider what any one of those people could do with my paycheck, and I don’t even make a ton of money, but far more than what they are subsisting on.  Reading what they wrote about their lives, their needs and wants, really inspired me to take a hard look at my lifestyle.  These are people struggling to feed themselves! What would happen if I at least stopped consuming “luxury” items on a mere whim? What if I didn’t purchase anything for myself other than basic necessities (toiletries and basic cosmetics – so I don’t scare people off) for six months?  For me, that would mean an embargo on non-essential clothing, purse, shoe, cosmetic, and tech/gadget purchases, work lunches, and wine (!!) mostly.  I bet not only would all of my 2012 credit card spending be paid off, including Christmas purchases, but I would have added a nice number to my savings account balance.

I think I’ll name it “Trish’s Six Month Spending Challenge.”


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