Dog day Monday afternoon.

When you’re plugged into the animal rescue world, each day brings sadness into your inbox, or Facebook news feed.  Today was one of those days that are just especially hard, for whatever reason. A face just grabs your heart, or an especially horrific tale invades your psyche.  Today, there were several of those…

Two strays alone on a street, one dead, the other refusing to leave the other’s side.

Two dogs that finally escape the horrors of dogfighting, only to be euthanized by their saviors, after being processed as “evidence.”

Two more dogs, rescued from separate abusive situations, slated to die tomorrow because they don’t like other dogs.

Two pound pals, devoted to each other in shared kennel – one saved by rescue, the other is left behind because of his breed, and he too is scheduled to die tomorrow.

Mondays suck.

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