My mother and I didn’t always get along, and we still have a spat now and then.  But the thing that makes a mother is not a blood connection, it’s a simple devotion to someone else’s well-being that surpasses their devotion to their own.  And despite our differences, my mother has always had an unflagging loyalty to me for which I am deeply grateful. 

Putting up with me in Colombia

When I was a little girl and my father married my mom, I did not have any concept of all the hard work the young bride from a faraway country had taken on without question.  Feeding me, clothing me, bonding with me…basics that are taken for granted because of their fundamental qualities, but basics that require hard work nonetheless. Add to that love, worry, protectiveness, and stress, and you’ve got a sunup to sundown obsession. Even as I grew up and became more aware, I still did not contemplate all that my mother felt and did for me.

Me, Mom and my Abuelita

Nowadays, even though I am not a mother to any two-legged children, I do have two furry ones that I couldn’t love more if they were human.  There really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.  I gladly share anything I have with them that won’t harm them, and the love and concern I feel for them borders on the obsessive.  I finally have an inkling of what my mother has provided, felt, and for the most part, has not been properly thanked for.

Things like letting me stay in San Diego that first summer after my freshman year, instead of making me come home until fall. It can’t have been easy, I know that now…letting your own child move out of the dorm and into a house with three girls, get a summer job, and not come home, when that is what you dearly want most.  My wonderful parents instead bought me some furniture, drove it down in a van and moved me in with my new friends.  My mother had stipulations, of course – like getting a job and taking summer classes.  But even her sometimes tough requirements of me, balanced with her trust, were a gift.  They made me a better person, truly.  And for that I cannot thank her, or my father, enough!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!

One thought on “Mom.

  1. That's so sweet, I have a tear in my eye. She is a pretty cool lady though with a great attitude towards life. Happy Mother's Day Lin from your Irish friend in Scottsdale x

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