Photo of the day – 1/22/2012

Rain, rain, come today!  I want to take my boots out to play…

My rainboots.

When Steve and I were in NYC about a year and a half ago, it rained one day and all these really sharp women ran around the city in realllly adorable rainboots.  I have been fixated on getting a pair ever since (because it rains sooooo much here in Arizona…oh well), and finally found a pair of Sperry Topsiders that I loved and came in my size (always a problem for me and my tiny Asian feet).  Alas, we have not had one bit of rain since I purchased them…I have worn them around the backyard, watering plants and such, but it’s not the same…so please, if you have time today, please do a little rain dance for us here in Arizona…my rainboots thank you. 

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