Photo of the Day – 1/18/12

Had to get my Boobala (he may not be thrilled I am revealing nicknames here, but this one is by far the least embarrassing) posted in the photo challenge…the first of many, I’m sure. He was outside pulling weeds, while I yelled at him not to (bad back + hunched over pulling weeds = an even worse back), and I decided I wanted a photo of him with his favorite tree.
He frets over this jacaranda as much as he frets over me and the dogs…it has yet to produce blossoms, but in the past couple of years since we planted it, it has really filled out and grown…whereas some of the other trees we planted at the same time are still a bit spindly.

Steve and Jacaranda

I’m not sure why he is posing with the gardening tools that way?  Dudes…they always have to look menacing when the opportunity presents itself!

Copyright: Cory Thoman 

See? It’s been happening ever since the dawn of man!


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