I don’t, generally, like to collect things…

I think perhaps it was “Amelie.”   Or, maybe it’s just sentiment for gardens of yore.  Whatever the impetus, I have recently become smitten with “an ageless and often deformed dwarf of folklore who lives in the earth and usually guards treasure” aka the garden gnome, and have started populating my backyard with them.

Here is my latest gnome friend, and my photo for today:

I call him Winkle.  As in, Rip Van Winkle.  He joins his friend from the Travelocity commercials, my very first garden gnome…Bogart.  Will have to see if Bogey will pose for a photo next.  He’s not as sweet-looking as Winkle, but much more alert…

I hope to someday have an entire nation of them living in my yard, running amok when I’m not looking, and generally causing mischief amongst the flora…

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