365 Day Photo Challenge…

Crap. I just found out about this really cool photo challenge…I’m going to do it anyway, even if I am getting in on this thing a little late.  Maybe I’ll post a couple a day until I’m caught up?  Here’s the Facebook page that explains the challenge…pretty simple, really…


Just take a photo a day, post and blog about why it was chosen…easy.  Since I am already behind, I’ll start with something simple, obvious, and camera-ready…Max:

That’s him, assuming the usual position he takes when I’m on the computer in the spare room – horizontal.  I think it apropos that Max start off the photo challenge, since he’s such a camera hog.  He’s the antithesis of Cabo, who acts like the camera is stealing a piece of his soul whenever we try to photograph him.  He runs like his fur is on fire, or as if he was raised by superstitious Amazonian pygmies.  Max has become so camera-friendly over the years, I fully expect him to turn to Steve one day and say…”I’m ready for my close-up, Mr.  DeMille”…

Alright, there’s the photo for January 15, 2012.  I have to somehow make up for 14 days…will figure out something and get it on here…keep you “posted”…har har har.

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