It’s a new year…finally.

It seems like the holidays drag out into the new year at least a couple of weeks – there is that post-NYE binge eating, cleanup, and putting away of Christmas.

It’s now a good two weeks into 2012, and I am FINALLY feeling like I am beginning the new year fresh.  Maybe it’s because it’s taken me two weeks to realize what baggage, mental and physical, I’ve carried from 2011 that I still need to jettison out of my life.

Yesterday, I drew a line in the sand for my new year.  On one side of it is everything that I loved about 2011 that I will keep with me.  On the other side, everything that I decided must go.  Unfortunately, that included things that used to be important, but now I find toxic.

Rescue emails and some of the people that go with them, unfortunately, top that list.  I am still dedicated to helping save animals, and I will channel that dedication into four avenues:  my animal welfare Examiner page and Lost Pets Facebook Page; my support of four, very carefully selected animal rescues & shelters, and of Sunbear Squad; TNR of the cats in my neighborhood; and the sponsorship of one needy animal at a time – whether it be boarding donations, etc.  That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.  I will always carry dog food and supplies with me for the random encounter with a needy animal, and help close friends and family with situations.  But I cannot keep making myself available for the onslaught of hundreds of emails and Facebook pleas every week.  It has sucked me dry and it’s over.

The infighting, the name-calling, the disasters, and disappointments that have clouded my life from these outlets is a serious downer, and if I am going to continue helping, I am going to have to jettison the negative.

In 2012, I am making the delete button and unsubscribe button my new friends.  Glad to meet you guys,  here’s to a great year!


One thought on “It’s a new year…finally.

  1. AMEN,Sista! I did the same thing with the rescue emails and have spent the last two months trying to "disentangle" myself from other rescue commitments by tying up loose ends. SOOOOOO HAPPY to have made "your cut" into 2012! Love Ya!

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